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Our Services

Opening Service
– Removal of Cover
– Wash & Hose Cover Down
– Folding Cover
– Reinstalling Deck Equipment
– Hook Up Filter System
– Start Up System

Weekly Maintenance
– Back Wash Filters
– Empty Skimmer Basket
– Brush Walls
– Clean & Recirculate Pool Water
– Test Chemicals as Needed

Service and Repair
– Filters
– Heaters
– Manifolds
– And More

Leak Detection Service
– Evaluation of Pool
– Check Skimmers
– Check Returns
– Check Waterfalls
– Check Lights

Closing Service
– Dismantling the Filter System
Blowing The Lines Free of Water
Adding Chemicals
Covering The Pool
Removing Deck Equipment

Winter Service (once a month)
– Make Sure Cover Is Secure and Water Level Is Below Tile Line. (So ice doesn’t crack tile or coping.)
– Maintain Calcium Level
(So there are no stains and keeps the marble dust from getting calcified. Keeps the finish smooth.)

TNT Custom Gunite Pools
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