About TNT Custom Gunite Pools

TNT Custom Gunite Pools

Serving Our Long Island Neighbors Since 1988

Family owned and operated, TNT Custom Gunite Pools has been creating beautiful pools and spas… each one tailored to the specific location and landscape of the location. Our pools, spas, stonescapes, waterfalls and patios have come to stand for luxurious backyard living at homes all over Long Island.

How we began…

TNT Custom Gunite Pools was created by it’s owner, Tony Puccio in 1988, operating out of a 1977 Pontiac Bonneville with only 4 customers in hand. Tony kept his full time job at the beginning so he could save for his first real truck.

In 1989, he got the truck. His customers grew from four… to twelve… up to twenty-five customers in two years. It was then that Tony took the plunge (so to speak) and went full time. All at the ripe old age of 21. Unlike other people his age, Tony sacrificed time with friends and family to grow his business.

Soon after, Tony joined up with three major pool companies in the area as a subcontractor, so it was time to get another truck. At this point TNT was servicing 75 pools a week and growing.

As the business grew, he added a renovation box truck for tile and renovations, a dump truck, back hoe, bob cat and TNT took on plumbing, tile, stripping and grading.

Tony realized the importance of reliable service early on. He saw, first hand how the larger pool companies often left their customers with bad experiences and Tony was determined that it would never happen with his company. TNT’s business has continued to grow over the years… largely on recommendations. Now TNT’s reputation on Long Island is impeccable.

TNT stays until the job is done… 100%. Every customer is just as important as Tony’s first customer, all those years ago.
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