Pool Care
Opening Service

- Removal of Cover
- Wash & Hose Cover Down
- Folding Cover
- Reinstalling Deck Equipment
- Hook Up Filter System
- Start Up System

Closing Service

Dismantling the Filter System
Blowing The Lines Free of Water
Adding Chemicals
Covering The Pool
Removing Deck Equipment
Weekly Maintenance

- Back Wash Filters
- Empty Skimmer Basket
- Brush Walls
- Clean & Recirculate Pool Water*
- Test Chemicals as Needed
Service and Repair

- Heaters
- Manifolds
- Plumbing
- And More
Leak Detection Service

- Evaluation of Pool
- Check Skimmers
- Check Returns
- Check Waterfalls
- Check Lights
Winter Service (once a month)

Make Sure Cover Is Secure and Water Level Is Below Tile Line. (So ice doesn't crack tile or coping.)
- Maintain Calcium Level
(So there are no stains and keeps the marble dust from getting calcified. Keeps the finish smooth.)
Pressure Test
Pressure test all pool lines. If pool is empty, we will test the main drain. **Please Note** This sometimes can not be done on older systems
To schedule service,
call us at 631-473-4202 or click here.

* Note: While OTHER pool companies vacuum the pool water out of the pool and onto your property,
TNT's Recirculation Equipment CLEANS the water and puts it back.

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